neighborhood #110/365 #staydesigns365

neighborhood #110/365 #staydesigns365

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Milky way | by Matt Sven Bjork.


Milky way | by .

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"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

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"If you’re ever lucky enough to find a girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, you should hold onto that. Because she’ll be yours at two in the morning and at two in the afternoon the following day. She’ll kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts. And that’s important. Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something… and a little more than usual."

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"Dos personas destinadas a ser se amarán, reirán, besarán,sufrirán, llorarán,alejarán, gritarán, lucharán,odiarán, se irán, volverán, y así,pasarán por muchas situaciones,pero jamás…jamás se separarán"



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